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Next Generation Fileless Malware Requires Next Generation Security

Train staff, install Next Generation security and disable macros as the latest fileless malware exploits a lack of all three to steal data.

DNS Malware

I’m afraid to say but gone are the days when just having standard security such as Anti-virus software was enough. Cybercriminals are now using complex clandestine techniques to exploit standard system tools and protocols that are not always monitored.

The latest example of such attack is DNSMessenger – a new Remote Access Trojan (RAT) that uses DNS queries to conduct malicious PowerShell commands on compromised computers – a technique that makes the RAT difficult to detect onto targeted systems. Just like their physical counterparts, without a trap in place (i.e a next generation security detection system) they won’t be caught and will end up causing untold damage.

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Gerry Morley - Director of Cyber Security No Comments

Clever Gmail Phishing Scam

Gmail Phishing scams  and other email trickery is on the rise using fake attachments to make users more vulnerable to a cyber attack. Learn how to spot them and how to safeguard your business and personal accounts from new phishing scams.  

Not A Day For Phishing

As current events have shown, even the upper echelons of American governance have been vulnerable to phishing scams. The Democratic National Committee’s official email accounts were recently the target of an effective phishing campaign, leaving us all to question the ways in which we’re vulnerable to cyber attacks.

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