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Over 50 interactive training modules available, including all-new GDPR training module!

Tech Guard is partnered with KnowBe4, the world's leading security awareness training company and a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader, to provide the latest in new-school cyber awareness training. Our approach is proactive and ongoing, to ensure staff receive regular training on the changing threat landscape and always keep security top-of-mind.

The key to our security awareness training is that we focus on people, not just technology. Social Engineering, the art of manipulating users to take an action that will harm them, remains the attack vector of choice for hackers worldwide. Our selection of training courses focus on this human element and helps your staff to identify malicious emails - creating a human firewall.

We have several training plans available, so we'll always be able to find the right choice to keep your business safe. Talk to us today to see how we can help, and schedule a demo or quote.

KnowBe4 is a world-leading security awareness training firm, recently recognised by Gartner as a Magic Quadrant Leader.

General Cyber Security Awareness Training
Our recommended baseline training for all staff:

Comprehensive Security Awareness Training (45 mins)

Condensed Security Awareness Training (15 mins)

Popular & Recommended Modules
Highest-rated training modules by our clients:



CEO Fraud

Safe Web Browsing

Tech Guard Training Modules 
Threat-specific modules to keep staff informed:



CEO Fraud

Ransomware for Hospitals

Basics of Credit Card Security

PCI Compliance Simplified

Strong Passwords

Handing Sensitive Information Securely

Mobile Device Security

Safe Web Browsing

Common Threats

Your Role

The Danger Zone

Red Flags: Warning Signs that Alert You

Social Media Best Practices

Risks of Social Media Sharing

USB Attack

Email Spoofing

Safe Travel for Road Warriors

Tech Guard Executive Series
Short modules for executives and board members:

CEO Fraud

Mobile Device Security

Remote and Travel WiFi Dangers

Ransomware and Bitcoin

Social Media Precautions for Executives

Social Engineering the Executive

Decision-Maker Email Threats​​​

Safe Web Browsing with Corporate Devices

Securely Working from Home

Secure Destruction of Sensitive Information

IT: Privileged User Access

IT: Secure Windows Administration

Training Micro-Modules

Here's How Our Cyber Security Awareness Training Service Works:

1. We Train Your Users

With interactive, engaging training that
explains how to spot complex phishing
& ransomware scams, live demos and
scenario-based exercises.

2. We Phish Your Users

Through regular phishing and social
engineering email attacks that simulate
the very latest scams keeping security
top of mind for your staff.

3. You See The Results

We provide detailed reports to management
showing results, stats and graphs for
both training and phishing. Management
can instantly see their ROI.

Cyber Security Awareness Training Content Library
Advanced training content, available as optional add-ons:

Cyber Security Awareness Interactive Learning Modules

Cyber Security Concepts Modules

Cyber Security Awareness Compliance Modules

Cyber Security Awareness Videos (2-5 mins)

Cyber Security Awareness Games

Cyber Security Awareness Posters

Concerned that your business may be prone to phishing?

Schedule your free phishing test with Tech Guard today, to find out how phish-prone your company is and assess your risk. Interesting in more training? Speak to our team to schedule a demo of our training platform, free of charge.