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Email is the number one attack vector for cyber attacks. Shut the door on hackers today with our Free Trial.


Viruses & Spam


Impersonation Detection

Spoofing and impersonation type email attacks like CEO Fraud or Business Email Compromise are on the rise and often can be difficult to detect and block. Tech Guard's solution utilizes an advanced set of filters, algorithms and machine-learning to identify all variations of impersonation emails and blocks them before they reach your users inboxes.

Advanced Email Link Defense

Our email protection suite scan links in emails and attachments for malicious content. Unknown links are rewritten so they can be checked in real-time when a user clicks on them. Linked landing pages are scanned using Artificial Intelligence to determine if they are genuine, and algorithms detect and block newly created domains by hackers.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based email security - setup in minutes
  • Inbound and outbound email scanning
  • Real time email protection from advanced threats
  • Unknown attachments scanned before delivery
  • Email links analysed for malicious intent
  • Opportunistic & forced TLS encryption options
  • Daily end user quarantine report
  • Email spooling during server downtime
  • Easy-to-use centralised admin console
  • Integrates with Office 365, Gmail and Exchange Server

Pre-delivery Attachment Scanning

Email attachments are scanned inside a matrix of over 200 different operating systems and applications with 80 common file types supported for scanning - enabling detection and blocking of never-before-seen attacks. Password protected attachments can often be opened and then scanned using advanced algorithms.

Daily End User Quarantine Report

Users receive a daily quarantine report that outlines the emails that have been blocked containing viruses as well as suspected non malicious spam emails. Users can release falsely marked spam, whitelist or blacklist emails & domains. Admins can release false positives if required.

Sender Reputation Analysis

Domain names, display names, messages headers and content are all inspected for impersonation and spoof tactics, defending against attacks such as CEO fraud. We automatically detect emails from "looks like" and "sounds like" versions of your domain name.

Shared Security Feeds

Interlinking with other global threat intelligence and shared security database feeds helps us identify other damaging email threats being sent at that moment. This allows us to adjust our email protection mechanisms to better protect our clients from malicious email and phishing threats.

Threat Intelligence

The email security solution we offer uses a combination of advanced tools that stop ransomware and phishing attacks before they reach your users. Threat detection tools like real-time blacklists, IP rankings, passive DNS and much more all work in tandem to keep your business protected.

Security Policies

Email protection policies can be customised and enforced so inbound and outbound email to conforms to our clients own data loss prevention policies or other corporate email security requirements. Security policies can be specific to their company and/or users ensuring compliance.

Multi-Layered Encryption

Multiple layers of encryption are used within the email security system to secure our clients, including opportunistic TLS encryption (enabled by default) and options for Forced TLS encryption. PDF encryption and/or secure portal encryption options allow for end to end email encryption.

Highest Gartner Rated Solution

Tech Guard places its trust in Hornetsecurity to protect its clients. Hornetsecurity is a German-founded, world leading anti-spam company and the highest rated email security platform on Spiceworks. They have over 40,000 customers worldwide and 24x7 support.

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    Tech Guard is an Irish cyber security firm, providing managed cyber security services to businesses. We take pride in our comprehensive and ever-evolving approach to cyber security, and we endeavour to constantly update our product offerings and security protocols to meet or exceed industry best practice. Our goal is to prevent cyber attacks and data breaches while increasing compliance with the GDPR.

    Phishing remains the number one attack vector for cyber attacks in Ireland and worldwide. Protect your users and your business from email compromise, and stop the threat before it stops your business.