IT Essentials GDPR Bundle

Kick start your GDPR Compliance. Get the necessary IT security in place first.

One of the biggest challenges of GDPR compliance is implementing state of the art "appropriate technical and organisational measures" with regard to safe-guarding data. Data protection authorities will look very closely at how well a business protects their data should a breach ever occur, so it pays to be prepared.

To help businesses with GDPR compliance against these measures, Tech Guard has developed a no nonsense, cost-effective IT Essentials GDPR Bundle. Let us take the hassle out of becoming compliant*.

GDPR, simplified. Get your IT compliant with our Essentials Bundle.

Five Essential Pillars of IT Security

Next Generation Managed Firewall

Next-gen firewalls are the primary line of defense, as ever-evolving threats that attempt to circumvent them mean that firewalls now require constant managing, monitoring, updating and re-configuring to block the latest threats.

Next Generation 

The latest viruses are now changing their form each time they execute evading traditional AV solutions. Next gen anti-virus is now a minimum security requirement to detect and prevent ransomware and new viruses.

Security Awareness Training

It's a fact - staff are the weakest link and require up-to-date regular training, not only to be aware of the latest scams and to spot the signs of a phishing attack, but also to be compliant with their data protection responsibilities.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

One major part of any security strategy should be a robust and tested backup process. Our fully managed backup & disaster recovery service ensures your data is backed up offsite - secure and ready to restore on a moment's notice.

Operational Cyber Security

Locking down security weaknesses and vulnerabilities across your network, operating systems and third party applications is crucial to preventing ransomware, data breaches and the resulting downtime they can cause.

Tech Guard IT Essentials GDPR Bundle.
No nonsense, cost effective.

  • Aids Regulatory Compliance
  • Instantly Reduced Security Risk
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Enhanced Productivity for your Business
  • Enhanced Productivity for your IT Dept
  • Proven Return on Investment

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    * The road to GDPR compliance is a long and complex one, encompassing more than just IT. These five pillars are a necessary first step towards getting your IT compliant.
    Tech Guard do not take responsibility for ensuring your compliance with all aspects of the GDPR.