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Imagine a cyber threat that can evade the bank level cyber security…leave little trace of infection and bypass most Anti-Virus software.

Hundreds of companies around the globe including several major banks and financial institutions have reportedly been hit by a cyber security attack masquerading as a dangerous covert memory-based fileless malware. The malware has been detected in at least 40 countries worldwide (including UK, France, USA to name a few).

Fileless Malware Cyber Security Geography

This new strain does not download any files by which it can be detected, instead it evades detection by injecting itself into a trusted operating system process to hide itself from real time Anti-virus shields. Many mainstream Antivirus solutions are unable to identify this type of malware or viruses as a result.

Next generation Anti-virus solutions are much better at being able to detect these new variants of fileless malware but beware no Anti-virus solution is 100% bullet proof – multiple layers of security measures are needed.

What can you do to defend against these cyber security threats and reduce your risk?

You might be fooled for thinking that there is not much one can do to protect oneself against this type of malware given it got past the toughened security defences of several banks worldwide. However, there are a few simple steps businesses can undertake to reduce their risk and impact of a cyber attack and help ensure such threats don’t take halt their operations. Instead of filling up this blog – we explain many of these initial steps in our free eBook which you can download here.

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